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Leadsor is one of the largest financial platforms in the consumer lending market, including for unbanked and subprime borrowers, specialising in short-term loans, payday loans, installment loans, cash loans, lines of credit, credit cards and more. We are leaders in the regions: Czech Republic, Spain, Kazakhstan, Mexico.

our partners

Aventus Group
ID Finance


60+ Lenders already with us

  • Automate the application process
  • Increasing LTV x2
  • Reduced Risk (approval rate 97%)
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs x3

Lenders Benefits

AI predict best matching credit application

70+ parameters about Borrowers

Useful mobile application

  • Personal credit score management
  • Budgeting advice
  • Reminder of payment period
  • Debt consolidation & refinancing
  • Interest rate reducing x2

Borrowers Benefits

Our progress

🚀 Our mission

To help our customers realise their financial goals by making the journey from choosing a financial product to receiving it as easy as possible.

⚽️ Our aim

To create a unified digital financial ecosystem of the future based on high technology, neural networks, process automation for interconnected financial institutions, services that work to provide a full range of financial services and products for customers.

9+ years of experience

We operate in 4 countries, on 2 continents. A multicultural company with employees from 10 countries.

3000000+ Satisfied Borrowers

Our partners are some of the most reliable financial players in the market. Our work is multifaceted. We, as a company, expand the range of our business, our clients get the best offers on the market, and lenders get new clients.

Our team

Anton Shesterikov

Founder, CEO, Czech Republic

Alexander Pronin

PhD Co-founder, CFO, Spain

Dmitri Mikhailov

Co-founder, CRO and Data science

Our team has experience and skills in all areas required to build a successful financial platform. Leadsor's experts understand technology, legislation and data security. They can analyse markets and products, and improve user experience and design. Working together, we ensure high quality financial services and technological innovation, enabling us to achieve our ambitious goals.